Ear Coning

1 Hour    $50

Ear Coning also known as Ear Candling is a safe and simple way to gently remove excess wax and toxins from inside the ears and Eustachian tubes. The entire relaxing process is non-invasive and very effective.

What is Ear Coning?

Ear coning is an alternative method of cleaning out excess wax and toxins from the ear canal. A cone shaped candle is placed in the ear canal and the top end of the cone is ignited. The cone is typically made up of a cotton muslin dipped in wax and is hollow on the inside. When the cone is ignited, it creates an upward vacuum that will suction up wax, toxins and any other substances from the ear canal into the lower portion of the candle.

What are some of the benefits?

Many people experience an improvement in hearing and a wider perception of tones, sinus headaches and migraines may decrease, removal of excess ear debris from nerve endings, detoxification of the sinus and lymph system, sharpening of mental functions, and help with equilibrium problems.

What can I expect during and after the session?

The experience is very relaxing and soothing. Most people are aware of some crackling and popping as the candle is burned and the ear wax is being pulled out. After the session you may feel lightness in your head and noises may appear louder. This very gentle and non-invasive process leaves you with a sweetly stoned or just awakened look.

How often should coning be done?

For health, we suggest 3 coning treatments 7 days apart. This relaxing process takes about 30 minutes. It is suggested you cone in groups of three for best results.