Selena Hughes write-up


Now back to me!  These are the words to my theme song right now especially with the fantasy of summer starting to fade and school resuming.  During the summer I slacked off a bit!  I’m talking about my routine that keeps me healthy, energetic and relieves me of stress becoming every other day, sometimes here and there.  As school is starting one of my goals is to get back to me.  I thought it would be great to do a few things to jump start resuming of my routine of self-care.  The spa steam pedicure I experienced earlier this summer was amazing, now was the time for care on the interior.

Self-care.  We’re hearing more and more about it and its importance and seeing a huge push in society towards taking care of self.  It’s very inspiring.  Saying positive affirmations is one, eating a healthy diet and regular exercise are the no brainers that we are all capable of.  I’m recently learning about another path to good health, sweating by way of an infrared sauna.


What is Infrared Sauna Therapy? Infrared Sauna is completely safe and produces the same far-infrared heat produced by the sun. Far-infrared heat is required for all living things for optimum health. The radiant heat from an Infrared Sauna surrounds you and penetrates deeply into your joints, muscles, and tissues, speeding oxygen flow and increasing circulation.

The Detox. This helps to remove impurities from your cells, specifically the cells inside our fat where our body stores waste and harmful toxins such as cholesterol and heavy metals.

*Sweat produced through a traditional sauna contains fewer toxins where sweat from an infrared sauna contains a higher level of toxins.  Those are the results you want!


I’m so excited to enter Skintution.

SWEAT by Skintuition is the San Fernando Valley’s first and only infrared sauna experience located in the French Quarter of Woodland Hills. Different from a traditional dry heat sauna that heats the air surrounding you, infrared sauna heat penetrates directly into the tissue of your body.


Have plenty! Water is key!

It says sweat but this is more like the before and after hydration station.  You can choose from fruit infused or plain water.

SWEAT by Skintuition supplied the glass containers that are filled with ph balanced water and infused with Osmosis supplements.  They are geared to treat whatever you want to battle from joint health to relaxation to hangovers.  There is no taste or color, so it won’t interfere with your water or beverage of choice.


I infused my water with skin and digestive health supplements by OSMOSIS.



My private and personable getaway.  A personal sauna!  I remembered reading about Infrared Sauna Therapy and how beneficial it is to our body.  It’s great for various conditions be it a want or need.  Benefits. Some benefits are weight loss, reducing joint inflammation, heavy metal purification (this comes from our environment), patients going through chemotherapy, muscle tension, improvement in the elasticity of the skin and so much more.


My high for the day!

It’s HOT in here! 140 degrees was my maximum heat.  I was surprised that I could tolerate the heat for the 45-minute session.  After about five minutes into it, I noticed my body adjusting.  For one I was already sweating profusely and my breathing was slowing down.  I sat still and quiet to monitor my body’s reaction.  Around 25 minutes in I took a 3 minute break to drink some water and cool down.  Our bodies are amazing, I felt like I just watched from the front row as my body received and knew what to do with all of the heat.


Powerful infrared lamps!

Infrared saunas are very safe to use.  The heat that comes from them mimics the heat from the sun.  Our bodies even absorb as much as 93% of the heat generated by the carbon heaters. Safety concern.  I read that hospitals use infrared heat on preemie babies in NICU.  If they are safe enough for our most delicate and precious beings.  Good enough for them good enough for me!

SWEAT it out! I did


I did it and felt amazing and relieved afterward.  A familiar adrenaline rush came to me, I would say about the same as after a really good workout. A little bit light and tingly.  Overall I really liked how I felt.

Pack light.  No need to pack much more than your wallet and water for the drive home.  They provide towels and a very clean environment.  Since the saunas are private and you are in a room alone it was suggested to me to go in as nature had sent me here.  I had on a swim suit but decided to go with their suggestion and I’m glad I did.  There was nothing to interfere with the experience.


Start here, Finish here.

One final step was the relaxation area.  It gave me time to get recentered, drink more water and adjust to the much cooler temperature that I was back in.


SWEAT by Skintuition pricing

I was advised not to shower immediately coming out of the sauna.  That this will close my pores and my body would still detoxing.  Not immediately taking a shower allows your pores to stay open and continue to successfully detox through sweating.  I can’t emphasize enough the amount of water with electrolytes that you need to drink after this service.  I had to drink coconut water in between the regular water help balance my body out.  Before drinking the coconut water I felt fatigued which is a sign that your body is actively removing the toxins and it needs your help replenishing with hydrating liquids.  Of course, if you have concerns please consult with your physician first.

A visit to the Infrared Sauna is reasonable at $45 for a 60-minute sauna session.  Give it a try, I hope you enjoy the experience.